"SHELTER Foundation is committed to helping active duty, veterans, and the communities in which they reside, with continued education. "



Active duty personnel and veterans can face many challenges in continuing their education. For those currently serving, this can mean taking classes at night, weekends, or on-line, between duty schedules. Veterans can also be dealing with transitioning back to civilian life after years of martial discipline. Both active duty, and veterans may have physical injuries or mental health issues that can affect their ability to study.


SHELTER Foundation's educational grant programs will assist our active duty, veterans, and their immediate families facilitate their educational goals.



In Puerto Rico, school closings hit families, communities hard. "This is a massacre against Puerto Rico's education," said Puerto Rico Teachers' Association president, Aida Díaz.


Education programs in the communities in which our active duty and veterans reside can also be adversely affected by natural disasters. Puerto Rico’s education department announced it would open the coming year with 828 schools in August; 283 schools will be closed. Some schools already have been shuttered after losing water and electricity that did not return quickly enough after the storm. Some were only open half the day, using the daylight to conduct classes and relying on water that was trucked in or intermittently flowing.


SHELTER Foundation's Operation Care: Puerto Rico is working towards a Continuum of Care program that will ensure that educational programs are not another victim of the storm. SHELTER Foundation partners with other nonprofit organizations, and local communities to help facilitate not only the recovery, but also programs the continued growth of educational programs.



Through events and training exercises, SHELTER Foundation provides continuing education for not only our SERT members, but also local communities to help prepare for potential disasters.



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